We can assist you with the motivation you require for your firearm application for only R400 for the first motivation, R250 for additional motivations for the rest of the year and R150 to complete the application forms.

  • 98% Success Rate
  • 3 day Turnaround Time
  • 6 Years Experience, References Available
  • Motivations for Self-defense, Occational Hunting or Sport Shooting, and Dedicated Hunting or Sport Shooting
  • Discount Available for Multiple Applications


For the motivation we require the following details:

Your Personal Details:

  • Full Name,
  • ID Number,
  • Residential Address and
  • Cellphone Number

Details of the firearms you are applying for (Make, Model, Calibre, Serial Number)

Details of other firearms you currently have licenses for (Make, Calibre, Serial Number, Issue date, License number) or copy of licenses

Which section you are applying for:

  • Sec 13 – Self Defense (only handguns/shotguns)
  • Sec 15 – Occasional Hunting/Sport
  • Sec 16 – Dedicated Hunting/Sport  (Please send me the details of your dedicated status – (Please remember to get an endorsement letter from your club ))

Any other details relevant to your application? i.e. you have been a victim of crime, you have a criminal record, a firearm was lost/stolen.


It takes three days to complete the motivation after proof of payment is received. You can email the details (or any questions) to info@smallarmstrading.co.za.

Payments for motivations can be made into the following account:

Jana du Plessis - ABSA Savings


Branch 632005